Wifi, you there? (wifi.yt)

This is a simple site that allows you to trigger captive portals on wifi networks.

It is my hope that every website on the internet uses SSL/TLS. The only downside is certificate errors will prevent many wifi networks from being able to launch a man-in-the-middle to show you a login page. iOS and Android do a pretty good job of detecting these situations and popping up a window to let you login. Sometimes it doesn't work right. That is where this site comes in handy.

When you think a wifi network is trying to get you to login, just type 'wifi.yt' (easy to remember as "wifi. are you there?"). This site will never at any point in the future use SSL, so it will always work to allow a one time man-in-middle.

Advanced usage: This page returns a bunch of headers trying to convince your browser and anything between us that this page should not be cached. You can manually cache-bust by using any subdomain (hithere.wifi.yt), or any URL path (wifi.yt/tacos).

Your IP is and it is Sunday July 21st 2024 at 12:55 AM EDT, have a nice day!